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Corruption and Government Hypocrisy

It is likely that as long as civilisations have existed, so has the corruption of power holders. In the 21stCentury we can witness it on a regular basis, not only in dictatorships and manifestly undemocratic nations, but also in the world’s most financially and technologically advanced states, that somehow pride themselves on being democratic trailblazers. But the realities sadly are different. Peter Crisell’s powerful contribution to the discussion illustrates this, and the hypocrisy of governments within whose stewardship these events occur.

But no one knows when, if ever, the shame will overtake the greed, in order that such circumstances can be consigned to the more disreputable aspects of the history of our times. [

Moldova: "Europe's Next Security Crisis?"

After years of ups and downs in negotiations, a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme has finally been reached. Predictably, there is opposition to the deal in the US, where the Republicans see an opportunity to embarrass President Obama, and in Israel, where many would have preferred an isolated Iran. Elsewhere, however, there has been surprisingly little resistance: even the Saudi monarchy, until recently fiercely opposed to the deal, has at least in public accepted the deal, after a round of secret diplomacy by the White House. There are some players in the oil industry who are not happy about Iran re-entering the market big time, including Iran’s friends in Moscow, as oil prices will be pushed further downwards. In fact as the deal neared and was finally signed, oil prices fell by 15% on the mere expectation of increased supply in 2016. But Russian oil companies are already positioning themselves for investing heavily in Iran, alongside the Europeans. We focus below on the outcomes and geopolitical effects that can be expected. [continues...]


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