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 May 2014


Putin’s next Target? Moldova-Transnistria; Syria: Speaking Truth to Power; Cuba as victim; Recruiting God’s warriors - women and Islamic terrorism; What to do about Ukraine?


Putin’s Next target? Transnistria & Moldova

In 1991 as the USSR folded, one of the smallest of the fifteen all-union republics to have independence thrust upon them, was Moldova, a patch of south eastern non-slavic Europe, historically bounced about by more powerful neighbours. Before Stalin swallowed it, the once-upon-a-time Principality of Moldova might well have doubled for mythic Ruritania – the stuff of European opera. The mainly Romanian-speaking country is divided by the river Dnister on whose eastern shores is a 15 mile strip of land, Transnistria. There in communist times most Russian and Ukrainian settlers congregated, although 25% of citizens maybe more, are ethnic Romanians.
Further to the east lies Ukraine, but Transnistria has remained occupied by Russian troops since Moldova’s ‘independence from Moscow,’ that really didn’t happen. It is an illegal breakaway ‘state’ of some infamy, largely because it has all this time been the source of immense wealth for Russia’s top military ‘brass,’ as a base for selling off the Soviet Union’s excess weaponry, gathered there in vast armouries against the Armageddon that thankfully never came. [...]

Syria:  Speaking Truth to Power

Mrs Clinton visited Jordan three years ago with William Hague the British Foreign secretary and together summarised the civil war raging in next door Syria, with a call to action: “Assad must go.” They failed to recognise a civil war when they saw one (instead, repeating a convenient mantra that still doesn’t change, that ‘Assad was making war on his own people’).  They failed to pick up that Al Qaeda and other Islamists in neighbouring Iraq, were making giant strides towards the Syrian border.
It is ironic about Mrs Clinton’s statement:- ‘Assad must go’, for if that had have happened, we would almost certainly by now, have seen the world’s first new fundamentalist Islamic state established as a fact of life, carved out of Syria and Iraq on the ancient territory of mesopotamia…and that still might come about ! [...]

Is Cuba really the vilest Enemy?

What is it with the US that leads it to promote such long-lasting enmity with poverty-plagued little Cuba?
The United States: the world’s leading economy, third largest national landmass with a 317 million population, certainly knows how to hate. But can they really be proud of the treatment they have continued to dish out to little Cuba since world communism collapsed over twenty years ago? Cuba stands 103d in landmass, with a population of a mere 11 million, on the whole very poor peasants, that had it’s decisive revolution 56 years ago. Cuban students and others, overthrew a deeply unpleasant fascist military regime, in deep cahoots with the US mafia, a regime that no Washington government could have been proud to be associated with, let alone should have preferred to what came next. [...]

Muslim women and Islamic warriors

The BBC on 24 April broke a story “Police make Syria plea to UK Muslim women”.
The intention seems to be that the womenfolk of modern, idealistic moslem youth might be able to give them sufficient compelling reasons why going off to fight in someone else’s civil war, might just be the worst possible idea for a young male in a UK or European resident family. [...]

What to do about Ukraine

Nuland and the US’s $5 billion - how was it spent?

Revelations have been pouring out of Ukraine, above all demonstrating that the tug-of-war with Russia over the ultimate control of Ukraine involves some very shady characters, none more so than ‘the Right Sector.’ The eastern areas, currently so much in the news clearly also have their full quotient of thugs and worse, given the alleged murder and torture of prisoners amongst prominent locals living in the east who declared for Kiev, rather than Moscow. These in the context of the Crimea behaving similarly, as now in Ukraine’s eastern provinces have been described as ‘Don Cossacks’ (which fits an historic role in Russian affairs). [...]


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