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Realpolitik and The Ukraine

The Ukraine crisis is an ugly reminder of how powerful nationalism remains in the modern world.
Obviously there will be positions taken, gestures made, and calls for action, but after all that, it is in everybody’s interests that it be resolved soon and peacefully. There is no solution that will appeal to all parties but common sense indicates that [...]

‘Wanna buy some Yellowcake, mister’?

Certain superbanks, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, are trading in uranium (‘yellowcake’) it is alleged , holding warehoused stocks of some 5,500 tons (enough, it is pointed out, for 200 nuclear bombs)!
The unfailingly interesting “Wall St ‘Insights & Indictments” vehicle of financial commentator Shah Gilani, has unearthed the above information. To quote Gilani:
“With their ability to manipulate governments, governments that they finance and government officials that they practically own, are we supposed to believe that they aren’t going to sell yellowcake to the highest bidder, to make the most money they can”?

‘The Grand Turk’: What is Erdogan all about?

Turkish PM Erdogan is a powerful personality. He leads the AKP, a ‘soft Moslem party’ in the sense - less than fanatical - in a middle east where religious moderation is scarce. It has been compared with the Christian Democrats in Europe - such modern catholic countries as Austria and Italy, where the practicalities of current politics easily outweigh the 19th century ‘traditional’ appeal to voters, attracted by such religious origins. Turkey itself is a ‘to be taken seriously’ country. A democracy - neither politically nor religiously extreme, prospering economically; probably ‘the state most likely’… definitely a player in the modern world.
The big question about Recep Tayyip Erdogan is does he stand with the good guys, the democratic modernisers – or not?... [...]

A United States of Europe

An interesting, long overdue and perhaps trailblazing call has come from Viviane Reding, Luxembourgeois EC vice-president for the 18 eurozone countries to move towards a true political and ultimately fiscal union. It was Churchill (much to the embarrassment of the long-term isolationist right-wing UK press: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, et al); who first called for the creation of a United States of Europe, in the wake of WWII. It is generally acknowledged that the nations that share the Euro, need the ability to share common and orchestrated economic policies, before the Euro can become the strong world-class currency its founders envisaged, so this revived call for federalism from within the European Commission is timely. Which of the others, the ten non- Eurozone EU members would join a federal Europe remains to be seen. Probably over time, all of them minus a maverick or two, but they would inevitably want to see some serious success, before signing up, particularly with the currency… [...]


Syria now three years into its horror story, has tried negotiations, which whilst not yet abandoned, are ‘on hold’ with little progress to show. But even if it had arrived at a series of laudable agreements, the indications are, that the Islamic fighters to a man, and some at least of the secular opponents of the Assad family, were largely if not unanimously, against these or any kind of negotiations with the government.
Cries of treachery were heard. So the push for a peace agreement was really the work of the ‘observing’ nations, not the belligerents…. [...]


How is it that the US war in Afghanistan has so easily morphed into a war with the mountain tribes of Pakistan? It was al Qaeda was it not, at whom the struggle was devised, but because they would not evict al Qaeda, the then Taleban government through its obduracy became the foe. To the foot-soldiers of the Taleban it was a matter of evicting the foreign soldiers…[...]

Clive Lindley

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