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Putin's 'Potemkin Democracy'

The recent Russian elections produced no surprises, but did put this, the largest nation on earth, under the international microscope for a few days.

In this issue we bring you a short but revealing account from our correspondent, who travelled in Russia during the weeks before election day, 1st March. Specifically we wished to cover the election away from the big cities where the world media were well represented, and see how it appeared in one of the Russian Federation’s lesser known  89 republics.

Undoubtedly after previous national elections, an opposition has grown up, not only intellectuals and the new middle class in St Petersburg and Moscow, but by ‘thinking citizens’ who are no longer impressed by the 'third world' tactics of ballot-box stuffing, or the obviously fraudulent tactics of the FSB-guided ways of controlling the outcome. And one of them in particular, the refusal to register any political party, which represents a threat to the establishment.

We covered that in our 1st March Overview (click on Russia), where we showed a ‘table’of parties refused registration and the ludicrous reasons given.

What is cunning about this crude device of non-registration is that no recognisable alternative leader can emerge, as they did in the Yeltsin period. Voters opposed to 'United Russia' or Putin, therefore don’t know who they would be voting for, unless they wanted the Communist boss, or the absurdly titled near-fascist, 'Liberal Democratic party'. (Putin is comfortable with them, as they are with him). 




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