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Brazil: South America's Big Beast

European press and media have traditionally under-reported events in South America. As in the USA most news coverage has been of political instability – of military coups and dictatorships - and of recurring economic and financial crises. It suggests portrayal of a distant continent about which we know little. But 382 million people live there – about 6 percent of the world’s population. In recent decades South America has become a continent of growing economic and political importance – and about 50 per cent of that continent is Brazil.


Since the 1990s, South America has seen rapid economic growth and development. Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru have grown their economies by over 8% per annum. Brazil, the biggest economy with half the continent’s land mass and population, has grown impressively but more slowly. Its economy grew by 4.2% annually from 2004-2010, more than double its annual growth from 1999-2003.

In this first of two articles on South America by Peter Crisell, Newnations Associate Editor we look at Brazil’s growing importance as a regional and global power.





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