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The Rise of Latin America

In March this year we published the first in a series on Latin America: “Brazil: South America’s Big Beast”. Today, we follow up that well received article with an account of ‘Spanish’ South America’s growing economies. South America accounts for some 6% of the world population with 382 million people. This is larger than the North America of the USA and Canada combined, yet at the same time, it is probably the least known economic and political region in the world.

Clearly, this owes a great deal to its earlier reputation for swaggering military dictators, marxist guerrillas, and basket-case economies. There still remains a general uninformed view in the world’s advanced nations, that excluding the giant Brazil, these nations to the south are either politically, economically - or both, no-hopers.

But if that were ever true, it is no longer. Witness the emergence of an increasingly robust adherence to democracy, our primary concern from which all else follows.


We plan to follow up in the series with future reports on the states of Central America and the Caribbean, to complete the survey.

The following overview of the nine nations of continental South America by Peter Crisell, Newnations’ Associate Editor looks at the remarkable turnaround there, both economically and politically, hoping to dispel the outdated reputation and raise awareness of the new importance of the region.



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