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World Democracy in January 2012

The new Year starts with our review of every nation (150), with a minimum population of one million in terms of four criteria: human rights, political rights, free speech and public corruption.
Our methodology is explained whereby we rank nations into four divisions.
Democracy is in trouble
The problem being that the USA considered by many, including themselves, as the exemplar of democracy has since the turn of the century behaved in disturbing ways. The unnecessary war against Iraq, with perhaps a million civilians being killed in the chaos that followed the fall of Saddam. The ‘G.W.Bush Doctrine’ stating that the USA would attack any nation it regarded as hostile, without UN sanction; the war in Afghanistan against the wrong enemy. Both invaded nations are in a shambles as the military withdraws;
the plunging world economy due to a runaway Wall St. The fear is that another war, this time with IRAN, seems imminent.

The world in 2012
Thirty Eight nations (our divisions 1 & 2) are fully democratic. The five top nations Finland, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, have held the top slots in a differing order since we commenced this world democracy survey in 1997.
The full list reflects what many would assume, but whilst Europe is the most democratic continent, every other continent now has nations there.
Our 3d division of 33 countries, is not yet fully democratic, but getting there.

Well over half of all the nations of the world, (79 in division 4), are by our above criteria, undemocratic - ranging to deeply dictatorial.
North Korea unsurprisingly is bottom of the 150 nations. It is significant that this overgoverned, micro-managed nation is challenged for bottom place by Somalia, the least governed, most chaotic state. So much for extremes.

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