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The State of World Democracy in January 2014
We present our fifteenth annual survey of democracy, where we review those 150 of the world’s nations with a minimum one million population, by the criteria of Human Rights, Political Rights, Freedom of the Media and [Absence] of Corruption. We are indebted to Freedom House and Transparency International for the use of their data, as we have been each year throughout the millennium.

Nations are shown in four divisions, determined by their Human Rights and Political Rights records. Within each of those divisions their ranking is the result of Media freedom scores and those of Corruption – its absence or otherwise.

We give league tables to measure each of these, and the final democratic score.

The methodology used is described in the sidebar notes of the Democracy table.

Neither the US nor the UK make the top ten –although close.

Consistently, as in every annual report we have done, the Scandinavian nations come top. This year Denmark & Sweden share the no 1 position; Finland is no.3 and Norway 4th. New Zealand is 5th and Switzerland 6th.

Congratulations to them all!

Only 37 nations in the world are fully democratic! Another 33 are heading in the right direction, slowly getting there, unless they turn back. More than half the world’s nations (80 in div.4) are not democratic. These taper down in the tables to the least democratic –we look at who they are. The world’s worst have been there for years!

As well as nation states we show democratic rankings in sidebar panels for political/military/economic/regional groupings via their current membership: OECD, EU, NATO, G8, ASEAN, APEC, THE AFRICAN UNION, THE ARAB LEAGUE, LATIN AMERICA.

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