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Following the important article “India Rising: How Far How Fast” published in October 2011, the author Dr Surjit Mansingh, formerly Professor of International Politics at Jawarhalal Nehru University in New Delhi, now teaching at Washington’s American University, has recently revisited India and we are pleased to publish her further reflections.

India has been much in the news recently and notwithstanding marked economic progress, has clearly continued to fall short in terms of corruption, and most recently the failure of the state to protect its female citizens (they already constitute less than half the population, due to shocking figures of female foeticide).

In addition, the long running Naxalite insurgency is now affecting about a third of the country.

The big corruption scandals may be no worse than in other countries, but petty corruption adversely affects every person in India. Politically however, there appears to be an upside, as it is notable that there is a stronger tendency emerging to vote based on performance, rather than just racial or religious affinities.

Sadly, her verdict on prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh is that his former impeccable image has been shattered by the ineptitude of the Congress party, and his own political helplessness.




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