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Human Rights Under Attack
The Organisations That Fight To Defend Them

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 was carried without dissent but with 8 abstentions, agreed in the wake of the bloodiest war in human history. It is the definitive statement of the fundamental rights of humankind.

Since then, human rights and freedoms have been under continuous attack by powerful political and economic elites, around the world - as they had always been throughout history.

Yet on the other side of the ‘balance sheet’ there are organisations whose vigilance and determination in individual countries and the world, highlights the excesses of dictatorial and other regimes - including from time to time even shortfalls in the behaviour of acknowledged, normally democratic nations.

Here we describe the work of some of the most prominent of the organisations that are dedicated to defend those human rights, in both general and specific ways. The contact details of each of those featured here will be permanently posted for future reference on both our Newnations and World Audit websites.




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