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Arab League & the Gulf Cooperation Council

The story of the Arab League & the Gulf Cooperation Council, we believe needs to be told at this time, since they are the main drivers for regime change in Syria.
It cannot be ignored that their part in this human drama is not inspired by high ideals of a better life and a democratic path for the people of this unfortunate country.

In the ongoing context of Syria and the GCC ruling families’ antagonism to Syria’s al Assad ruling family, it is worth observing that no member state of either the League or GCC, is even approaching democracy, in terms of the familiar criteria of media freedom, human rights, political rights, a fair system of justice and the absence of public corruption.

It is pointless, hypocritical even, for western foreign ministries to suggest or infer that democracy is what this uprising is about, as the alternative option for Syria. It is however noteworthy that the ruling families of the more involved (on this issue) GCC states are all Sunni, even though they control often substantial Shi’ite minorities – in the case of Bahrain, an oppressed Shi’ite majority.

They have two perceived priorities for Syria: to put a Sunni government in place and to extract Syria from its connection to Iran, in which latter objective of course, they are joined by the western powers and Israel.




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