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"Islamic Holy Warriors": Where is terrorism going?

Terrorism is a deeply uncomfortable phenomenon to dwellers in the 21st Century. It’s acts are almost a daily occurrence in many places around the globe, where order hardly prevails. Yet occasionally such horrors are perpetrated in the most progressive and generally law-abiding Western nations, where the shock reverberates through all sectors of society.

Just two days after the bombings at Boston Mass, it is not yet known whether this was an international terrorist action, or a purely US domestic outrage - that conclusion is yet to emerge, but at this point of speculation after the horrors of 9/11, an Islamic terror attack is a plausible option. Yet the US has itself produced some home grown mass killers, so that possibility also remains strong. It will be remembered that it was Timothy McVeigh, a US citizen, whose truck bomb in April 1995 killed 118, with 800 injured, in Oklahoma City .

At the least, the facts demonstrate beyond any doubt that one or more evil fanatics were in Boston on Monday 15th April, and that undeniably, evil fanaticism is the hallmark of terrorists.

Here after a swift look at the history of the brutality of terror, used as an instrument of politics, or religion – or both, over past centuries, we look at the high profile ‘Holy Warriors’ of the Islamic persuasion, against the background of terrorism in modern times. Not only what they are, but who they are, where they operate now and are likely to be going in the immediate future.



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