Donors to international charities have many choices to succour people and help save the environment - all of them worthy of support. Many are the result of injustice, or simple exploitation. World Concern takes the view that the most effective long term way of tackling these problems on our planet, is to concentrate on the cause, the governments under which injustices and exploitation take place.

It is widely true that democracies, where the rulers are accountable to their electorates (who can 'throw the rascals out'), are the most successful, or perhaps the least offensive. It is also just about unheard of for democracies to go to war against each other. The work of the World Concern Institute is about shining a spotlight into the dark recesses of undemocratic regimes - and praising progress when it occurs. We use the weapon of publicity to assist the forces of light in those nations, in many of which there are brave and honourable individuals striving to achieve freedom. They make REAL sacrifices! They deserve that a world audience should receive regular objective reports of what is happening there, and what has yet to be achieved.

Our targets are the many undemocratic governments, whether they be 'outposts of tyranny,' havens of corruption, breeding grounds for terrorism, or those that maintain democracy at home yet do their exploitation abroad. Our definition of democracy embraces Human Rights, Political Freedoms, a Free Media and the absence of Public Corruption. Since 1997 our has monitored every nation of our earth and then placed a hundred and fifty of them, those with populations in excess of a million, into four divisions of a 'democracy league table,' regularly updated as new data becomes available.


World Audit data suggests that currently no more than thirty seven nations are unquestionably democratic, a further thirty three are making serious efforts to get there, but then the remaining eighty we list, shade down into altogether too many tyrannical corrupt nations. The battleground for democracy is mostly to be found in the many nations now in transition from political absolutism and towards a broadly market economy. This is why each month gives a quality analysis on each of approximately twenty such nations in transition. It includes all of those that once were the USSR and within the Soviet empire, and others that have a regional or wider significance, but there are more than we just do not yet have the resources to cover.



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