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 US $ 106
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Update No: 115 - (21/12/06)

The naïve newcomer
Montenegro is a new nation that needs the world's support it is getting. It may be only the latest, 192nd, member of the UN. But it is a member and can expect all the collective security it deserves.
It is getting it - an utterly marvellous place on the Adriatic, with a great landscape and a great seascape, a formidable architecture and a splendid position, astride the relevant avenues for foreigners to the Balkans and for the hinterland to the Adriatic. 

Greece, Montenegro Establish Formal Relations
There is one country which could give it good advice - Greece. It is the fulcrum of the Western world, to which Montenegro aspires to belong.
Greece and Montenegro on December 18th signed a protocol formally establishing diplomatic relations between the two south-eastern European countries. 
The agreement, signed by Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Rocen and his Greek counterpart Dora Bakoyannis at a brief ceremony at the Greek Foreign Ministry, paves the way for an exchange of ambassadors and establishment of embassies in Athens and Podgorica. Ten countries have so far opened embassies in the Montenegrin capital. 
Last week Montenegro, along with Serbia and Bosnia, was invited to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Partnership for Peace programme, considered a stepping stone to membership. In October it signed a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union, which it also aspires to join. Greece is a well established member of both NATO and the E.U. 
Bakoyannis said she hoped the agreement would lead to "further development of relations, including economic relations, between the two countries." 
Rocen also met with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas on his one-day visit, his first to Greece since independence. 

The Vatican in diplomatic relations with Montenegro
The penultimate accolade has arrived. The Holy See has established diplomatic relations with the republic of Montenegro, the Vatican press office announced. In the wake of their mutual recognition, the Holy See will now have an apostolic nunciature in Montenegro, and the Balkan country will have an embassy to the Holy See, a Vatican communiqué has said. 
The note recalled that "as Yugoslavia disintegrated between 1991 and 1995, Montenegro remained united to Serbia. In 2003 it adhered to the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, which succeeded the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a union which was dissolved by the declaration of separation by the Montenegrin Parliament on June 3, 2006, after a national referendum on May 21," the note said. 
The Holy See recognized the republic of Montenegro last June 19. 
The country has two Catholic ecclesiastical circumscriptions: the Archdiocese of Bar, which is immediately subject to the Holy See and has 11,500 Catholics, mostly Albanians; and the Diocese of Cattaro (Kotor), with 10,000 Catholics, mostly Croats. 
With the addition of Montenegro, the Holy See now maintains diplomatic relations with 175 countries. It also has ties with the Russian Federation, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the European Union and the Order of Malta.

The ultimate accolade: Montenegro joins US State Partnership Programme
The Papacy is important. But the US is rather more so, even when it is run by an utterly obnoxious administration, the most hated in its history.
Emergency response and coastal management are two potential areas of co-operation between the Montenegrin military and the Maine National Guard. Montenegrin officers and soldiers may soon be heading to the United States for training. On December 7th, the newly independent country joined the State Partnership Programme (SPP), which pairs 55 countries with the National Guard in various US states and territories. Montenegro is partnering with Maine. 
"This is an historic step which will start strong bilateral partnership in the defence field between Montenegro and the United States," US National Guard Director Steven Blum said as he marked the occasion. "I'm very glad about the co-operation between the state of Maine and the state of Montenegro. It will further strengthen the co-operation as a whole between Montenegro and the United States," said Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic. 
The SPP allows Montenegrin officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers to receive training in Maine. Reciprocal exchanges of soldiers and experiences will take place, along with military unit co-operation and civil sector experience exchanges. Emergency response and coastal management are two areas of particular interest. 
According to a report by the American Forces Press Services, the Maine National Guard can potentially advise the Montenegrin military as it makes the transition from a conscription-based to an all-volunteer force, reduces its troop numbers and upgrades its Yugoslav-era equipment. 
"Both of our nations share common goals of democracy, responsible global conduct and strong national security," Blum said. 
Montenegro's military needs US support and assistance in meeting its international obligations, said the chief of general staff of the Montenegrin Armed Forces, General Jovan Lakcevic. "In Maine we see a partner that will help us to accomplish all our tasks," he said. 
Following meetings with Vujanovic, Defence Minister Boro Vucinic and Foreign Minister Milan Rocen, Blum and his delegation attended a joint police Special Anti-terrorist Unit brigade exercise at the Danilovgrad Barracks. Using helicopters, members of the elite unit demonstrated parts of their drill. 
Blum gave "very good" marks to the Montenegrin soldiers and equipment. "This is excellent progress and a very good unit. This is really something that a newly independent state army should do. They have leaders with vision and General Lakcevic leads this force in the right direction. It will be model in the region, with regard to stability," Blum said. 
Co-operation between the US National Guard and Montenegro's military will be boosted further once the two countries sign a Status of Forces Agreement and reach a deal on use of infrastructure, both sides noted.

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Qatar-Montenegro diplomatic ties established 

The State of Qatar and the Republic of Montenegro signed an agreement to establish diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level in a move to strengthen the existing bonds of friendly relations and develop bilateral cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields, website reported.
An agreement was signed for Qatar by its permanent representative to the UN Ambassador extraordinary, plenipotentiary Nassir Abdul Aziz Al Nasr and for Montenegro by its permanent representative to the UN Ambassador extraordinary, plenipotentiary Nebojsa Kaludjerovic. The Qatar and Montenegrin governments offered assurances that the establishment of diplomatic relations responds to the national interests of both states and will consolidate the strengthening of international peace and cooperation, the statement said.

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Montenegro signs Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 

Montenegro has signed up to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), bringing the total number of signatures to 177 and the total number of ratifications to 137, Mnnews reported. 
The CTBT bans any nuclear weapons test explosions or any other nuclear explosions. Drafted at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva and adopted by the General Assembly on September 10th, 1996, the Treaty was opened for signature on September 24, 1996 at the United Nations headquarters in New York, it was reported. 

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