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"Clive Lindley is indeed a remarkable traveller, who has an eye for the telling fact and detail. I feel I understand more about the post-communist world thanks to this very good read."

Gary Litman: Vice President for Europe and Eurasia, US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC

Clive Lindley has followed the fraying thread of Leninist regimes around the world and across civilizations. His personal experience as a successful self-started entrepreneur and shrewd local political operator makes him a particularly acute observer of politics and business in the lands where both are nascent, turbulent and intensely personal. Never loosing sight of local history, which is his true inspiration, Lindley helps the reader understand why these diverse nations fell prey to the 19th century German socialism, as interpreted by the Russian experience, and what of this experience will likely stay with Macedonia, Estonia or North Korea. Any business executive who reads these pages with the attention they deserve will save quite a fortune on political consultants and public relations specialists. 

Professor Surjit Mansingh: Formerly : Professor of International Politics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Currently : Visiting Scholar at George Washington University.

"Once started, one can hardly stop turning the pages or scrolling down  Clive Lindley's LENN'S LEGACY. For five years since 1996--when I first  met him in legendary Samarkand--Lindley travelled in the 34 countries  that had been part of the Soviet Union or espoused communism. He now shares with us his astute observations and insightful comments on their complex histories, current (bad) politics, and struggling economies,  revealing their rich diversity along the way. One is moved to pack bags  immediately for Mongolia, "An Egg Between Two Rocks", or Cuba, "Neither Heaven Nor Hell", or Albania, "Where Mad Max Meets Mother Teresa" or the ever attractive Czech Republic where the Golden Haze has dispersed, but how many have Lindley's stamina? He calls to mind the great British explorers of the 19th century and one wonder where he will go next."


INTRODUCTION - by Peter Grose

The communist world has always been full of paradox, surprise and a plentiful dose of hypocrisy. In this remarkable book, Clive Lindley explores both the present reality of the world's remaining 5 communist countries, and the untidy aftermath of communism in 29 countries who experimented with and finally abandoned what was arguably the 20th century's most powerful creed.

With awesome determination, he visited every one of the 34 countries in the communist world, past and present. Some were easy to enter: they are now part of the European Union. Others, like Tibet within the PRC and North Korea, are determined to resist the presence of tourists or inquisitive outsiders. Getting there involved patience, ingenuity and a network of friends and contacts built up by the author over years as an international businessman. 

Some ex-communist countries like Albania, Azerbaijan and Serbia are still deemed too dangerous to visit. The author defied Foreign Office advice and went ahead with his tour, despite the warnings.

He traveled by car, bus, train and plane, sometime alone, sometimes as the only European in a coach party of locals (at that time the only way to enter Tibet), for instance. 

He examines the countries' economies, their system of government, their strengths and their failures, past and present. He meets and talks to government officials, men in the street, diplomats, businessmen, new entrepreneurs and old apparatchiks. 

Some of his findings reflect real credit on the countries he visited. In Cuba, civil liberties may not be everything they should be. But Cuba's literacy levels and standards of health care would put most of Latin America to shame.

Leaden bureaucracy sometimes gives way to amused realism. The Cuban authorities at the Ernest Hemingway marina have a 3 day moratorium on all customs and immigration formalities for visiting American yachtsmen. They wouldn't want a sanctions-busting passport stamp to embarrass the impressive stream of free-spending Yankees who nip over for a weekend of traditional Cuban roistering.

This book will take you on a remarkable journey, in the company of a remarkable traveller.



Western States of Former Soviet Union
Russia: The Jury is Out (2001)
Belarus: Lone Recidivist (1998)
Moldova: The Lonely (1998)
Ukraine: The Real Test for Europe (1998)
Baltic States
Estonia: Europe's new Nordic State (1997)
Latvia: Gateway for Russia (1997)
Lithuania: Return to Commonwealth? (1997)
The Caucasus
Armenia: Inventor of Nationalism (1998)
Azerbaijan: Rape of a Fair Country (1999)
Georgia: The Metamorphosis (1998)
Central Asia
Kazakstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan The 'Stans' (1996)
Turkmenistan: The Neglected Asset (1999)
The Visegrad Republics
The Czech Republic: The Golden Haze Dispersed (1997)
Hungary: The Magyar Inheritance (1997)
Poland: The Big One (1997)
Slovakia: Troubled Heart of Mitteleuropa (1997)
The Former Yugoslav Republics
Bosnia: Winning the Peace (1998)
Croatia: Bastion of Europe (1997)
Macedonia: The Brave (1998)
Yugoslavia: Darkness has Fallen (1998)
Slovenia: Exemplar and Stalking Horse (1997)
The Balkan Republics
Albania: Where Mad Max meets Mother Teresa (2000)
Bulgaria: On the Carousel (1998)
Romania: Misery in S.E. Europe (1998)
The Americas
Cuba: Neither Heaven nor Hell (2001)
South East Asia
Cambodia: The Devil's Workshop (2000)
The Lao PDR: Aka 'Land of a Million Elephants' (2000)
Vietnam: The Price of Victory (2000)
East Asia
Mongolia: An Egg Between Two Rocks (2001)
DPR Korea: Asia's Last Frontier (2001)
China: A Nation Sufficient unto Itself (2001)


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